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Planned Features

ABACUS is developed for the marine community and we continually looking to improve and add new features. If you have any suggestions of how ABACUS can work better for you or new features that could help in your work, we would be delighted to hear. It does not matter if your idea is big or small, let us know and it could soon be added in a future update!

August 2021

The ABACUS August 2021 update focuses on three areas: Reports, Bulk Actions and Internal QC (Quality Checking).


A new dedicated reporting section is being added, providing further reporting capabilities. Reports being added at this point will include:

  • Analysis Progress - detailed facts and figures about the progress of sample analyses with ability to summarise by survey and analyst
  • Reference Collection - full details of reference collection codes by survey

Bulk Actions

As part of our drive to improve productivity the first of our bulk actions will be made available to log in samples in bulk

Internal QC (Quality Checking)

Upon completion of Identification QC tasks in Macrobenthic analysis, a QC report will be produced to document differences in taxonomic and abundance data between determinations during the QC process.