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How To Start Using ABACUS

Request a quote

ABACUS is licensed using a subscription model with a fee that is dependent on how a subscriber uses ABACUS.

ABACUS can used by small or large companies, government organisations, academic institutions or individuals / hoobyists, or any other type of user. Each type of subscriber will use ABACUS in a slightly different way, some will maintain a large store of samples and data and rarely archive and some may process lots of samples but can regularly archive them. Because of these variations it is difficult to produce a single set price list and instead we prefer to produce a quote that suits each subscriber. 

You can request a quote by using our contact form.

In your message it is helpful if you could let us know some detail about the work your are performing, such as number of samples you expect to analyse each year, whether datasets are archived regularly or long running etc.

Instant Sign Up

Instant sign up is not available just yet, but it is something we are working towards. We are confident however that we can get new members working on ABACUS within a few days.

Just send us message and we can start working together with you to do this.

The benefits of your ABACUS subscription


ABACUS is a cloud hosted database and web application. This allows resources to be pooled between many subscribing organisations or individuals, while using industry standard practices to ensure each subscriber’s data is kept private and secure. This gives the benefit of obtaining a higher level of computing power at effectively a much lower cost than if an organisation were to use a dedicated server of their own.

Several resources are maintained and managed by the ABACUS team without you needing to perform these yourself. This includes maintenance and regular updates of controlled vocabulary lists and other resources. By storing these in a single global shared database, the ABACUS team can maintain these in a single place and also means that each subscribing indivdiual or organisation has access to these lists without the time-consuming tasks of checking and managing them themselves.

Also included in the subscription are technical support, and access to updates and new features. You can read more about the planned upcoming features by clicking the button below.